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Magus of Flowers
Name: Magus of Flowers
Age: 1500+
Birthday: July 6th
Race: Hybrid (Human, Incubus)
Affiliation: Camelot (Formally)
Knights of the Round Table (Formally)
Mage's Association
Relatives: Balinor Ambrosius (Father, Deceased)
Aurelius Ambrosius (Mother, Deceased)
Class: S-Class (Conditionally)
1st-Grade Student
Weapon: Excalibur

Merlin Ambrosius (also called Emrys Ambrosius, the King of Magic, or 'the Magus of Flowers) is a hybrid union between a Human and Incubus and was the Court Wizard and Royal adviser of King Arthur during the 5th and 6th centuries AD. He is known to be one of the most powerful and most feared Spellcasters in the world, having legends along with the Arthurian Legends. To Witch's, he is one of the most deadliest of people to come across, has he absolutely hates Witchcraft. Ever since the death of King Arthur and the fall of Camelot, he has been wondering the world until the 21st century where he signed up for Yokai Academy, becoming a 1st-grade student.




Early LifeEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Incubus Physiology: Being a son of a Incubus, he possess the abilities of one, but does not have the physical traits such as a tail.

  • Flight: Merlin has in fact been born with wings, and can fly. However, due to his Human physiology, he is more faster and stronger then most Incubi.
  • Enhanced Strength: Merlin possesses a large degree of enhanced strength, however due to his human physiology, he is a lot more stronger, possibly more physically powerful then a vampire.
  • Charm (or Allure): Merlin is able to control women of any kind just by looking into their eyes.
  • Illusion: Merlin is among the most powerful Illusionists on the world, even to the point that he is able to create a entire world, filled with various of fauna and flora/
  • Mind Entering: Merlin is able to enter dreans, but hardly uses it.

Magecraft]]: Merlin's ancient magic dating back during the Age of Gods. It is due to this particular Magic that Merlin is one of the most powerful and feared Spellcaster and Magus.



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