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Arthur Pendragon
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Arthur in Human Form holding Excalibur during the 12th Century

Name: Arthur Pendragon
Age: 2000+
Birthday: July 6th
Race: Dragon
Affiliation: Pendragon Family
Relatives: Ophis (Ancestor)
King Arthur (Ancestor)
Merlin (Ancestor)
Artorius Pendragon (Father)
Mavis Pendragon (Mother)
Artoria Pendragon (Twin Sister)
Class: Dragon Lord
1st Year Student
Weapon: Excalibur

Arthur Pendragon (アーサー・ペンドラゴン, Āsā pendoragon), or called Ryūjin (龍神 "dragon god") is an Dragon Lord from Great Britain who came to Japan as an exchange student as he wishes to learn more about it. When he got there, he accidentally got himself into Yokai Academy, a school for Yokia. However, he is able to perfectly fit in due to him being an Dragon . However, despite him being over 700 years old, Arthur is an First-Year student at Yokai Academy.

Arthur Pendragon is the main protagonist in Dragon + Vampire, which sets in the Rosario + Vampire Capu2




Early LifeEdit


Before AD, Arthur was called Ryūjin and was worshiped in in Japanese Mythology as the tutelary deity of the sea, and had a daughter called Toyotama-hime.

Abilities & EquipmentEdit

  • Supernatural Strength: As a Dragon Lord, and the descendant to the Dragon God of Time and Chaos Ophis, Arthur possess immense strength that surpasses the Shinso Vampires, an S-Class monster.
  • Supernatural Endurance: Arthur can last longer then most monsters without tiring.
  • Supernatural Durability: Due to the Dragon scales, Arthur can take more hits then one could possible think of.
  • Immortality: Arthur is not affected by age, disease, viruses, hunger, dehydration, exhaustion or time.
  • Transformation: Like monsters, Arthur can transform to take on a human form. However, unlike the other Yokai, dragons can take on many shapes or form, to even changing gender.
  • Pyrokinesis: As a dragon, Arthur can manipulate fire.
  • Low-Tier Space-Time Manipulation: Arthur is able to alter space-time within a limited radius around him of at least 50 foot. For to fully manipulate to any range, he must defeat, and kill the current Dragon God, and his father/mother, Ophis.
  • Low-Tier Chaos Inducement: Arthur can cause, and create chaos among the people.
  • Teleportation: Arthur can materialize to any location instantly n without needing to occupy the physical space between them.


  • Holy Sword: Despite wielding two of them, Arthur can be slain by Holy Swords made by God. An Yuki-Onna who wields the Holy Sword called Durandal can easily harm Arthur.
  • Gods: Being am S-Class, and not an Dragon God allows gods such as Amaterasu or Susanoo to use divine abilities to easily kill Arthur.


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