Atlantis Symbol
Artoria Alfeim
Kana アルトリアアルトリア
Romaji Arutoriaarutoria
Anime Rosario + Vampire: Delian Organisation (First Appearance)
Dragon + Vampire (Flashback)
Birthday July 6th,, 1940
Gender Female
Status Active
Race Human
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Delian Royal Family
Delian Organisation
Japan Division
Class Division Captain
"Samuel, handle the rest of the Ghouls here in Tokyo would you?"
—Artoria to Samuel in Tokyo

Artoria Alfheim (アルトリアアルトリア, Arutoriaarutoria), also called Altria Altoa is an human Division Captain of the Japan Division in the Delian Organisation. She leads the frontier against the Yokia threats in Japan. It is later found out that Artoria is the next heiress of the Delian Royal Family.

Artoria first appears in Rosario + Vampire: Delian Organisation as the main female character, and reappears briefly in Dragon + Vampire in a flashback of Samuel Hayden.




Early LifeEdit

Abilities & EquipmentEdit

  • Decelerated Aging : Due to the vampiric DNA given to her by Samuel Hayden, her ageing process slowed down to the point to a near halt.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Artoria is able to quickly heal from major wounds done to her body faster then the norm of a human.
    • Telomere Regeneration: Artoria is able to restore her telomeres to their optimal lengths, thus extending her life even more.
    • Contaminant Immunity: Artoria is immunity to almost all toxins, venoms, viruses, bacteria, allergen, etc.
      • Alcohol Immunity
      • Disease Immunity: Immune to almost all known diseases, viruses and illnesses.
      • Foreign Chemical Immunity: Immune to toxic drugs.
      • Poison Immunity: Immune to poison, toxins and venoms.
      • Protected Senses: Artoria's senses are protected from "overloading".
      • Radiation Immunity: Artoria is immune to all forms of radiation, including nuclear radiation.
      • Vampirism Immunity: Artoria is immune to vamprisim, and so can not be turn into a vampire or ghoul.
  • Heightened Reflexes & Speed: Artoria shown to have heightened reflexes for a human, as she was able to easily escape a trap that would of sliced her right hand off.
  • Supernatural Dexterity: Artoria's aim with a projectile weapon such as a pistol is above the norm of a normal human, as she is able to fire exactly at the same point rapidly.
  • Great Intelligence: Artoria is a intelligent human being, able to coordinate a whole organisation at onces.
    • Master Tactician: Artoria is shown to be able to come forth with complex strategies, and apply them into the the battlefield, and even in games, such as chess.
      • Detail Intuition: Artoria can notice, process and understand details of any situation no matter how small.
      • Psychological Intuition: Artoria possesses innate knowledge and understanding of psychology
      • Enhanced Charisma: Artoria is able to gain the loyalty of many, command them.
      • Accelerated Probability: Artoria is quick to predict outcomes of and what choices one could make.
      • Hyper-competence: Artoria is naturally skilled in various fields at a unnatural levels.
        • Hyper-Cognition: Artoria is able to perform complex mental operations beyond the norm of a human.
      • Parallel Processing: Artoria is able to carry out multiple thought process at once. This is shown during the Battle of London in Great Britain, where she was two steps ahead of the supernatural group attacking London.