• Rosariogirl


    June 20, 2013 by Rosariogirl


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  • Rosariogirl


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  • Destiney the Hedgehog

    I have taken up adopting the wikia, but first I would like to confirm that it is alright with the active users.

    Are you fine with me adopting this wiki?

    I promise, no matter how many times it takes... I'll definitely save you. 23:14, January 30, 2013 (UTC)

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  • SethHeartphilia

    Hi there I'm new here and hope we all can get along. I've been watching Rosario vampire for a while since I was 13 now I'm 14. I also read the manga. I'm on season two on the manga. Well back to what I was doing @-@ . What was I doing again. Oh yeah I forgot for a sec.... Crap I forgot again -___- ok I remember I hope we can become friends. >;)

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  • Anakin Skyobiliviator

    Okay, I just make this blog to: 1. Make a new blog for 2012. 2. Update you on my Jake Bloodriver. 3. Retell my rules if you want to use JB in your fanon story.

    1. So yay, 2012 blog.

    2. I updated JB's history, behavior and added 2 images. If you have any ideas, do not edit the page, talk to me. Otherwise, I will undo it. I work VERY hard for him.

    3. Same rule as giving me ideas for JB. Talk to me in my talk page, give me a summery of the story/episode plot and I will revise JB parts so JB will sound like himself (you know, speech pattern) and I will look at actions and go over with you to see what can go in (i.e You saying he will jump in water, I say nay).

    Any questions can be answered though my contact, or comments on this blog.

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  • Tiatulip44

    my inativitie cause

    September 3, 2011 by Tiatulip44

    Well as you my have notesed i have bine inativitie lateley and i have a cause for that my laptop is not alwoing wiki as of not i will only be on on the weekends just leteing you know

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  • Destiney the Hedgehog


    August 29, 2011 by Destiney the Hedgehog

    Okay, so this wiki is without an admin. I would like to make a request to adopt it, but I need you guys to give me permission to reuquest the adoption. Is it alright that I do? Gently, magic from ancient times bloomed wildly in silence, The power to change the world lies in those hands of yours. 23:41, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

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