"My grandfather once said 'Wissenschaft, die nicht Moral zu respektieren, ist nicht Wissenschaft.' the qoute is what prevents my family from decending down that cursed path my great-grandfather took a long time ago."

Fredrick Baron von Frankenstein is a student at Yokai Academy and great-grandson of the legendary Victor Von Frankenstein. Formely human, he had a fatal accident forcing his human parents, renowned in the monster world as scientists carrying on the legacy, to operate using the methods of his great-grandfather.

Fredrick Baron von Frankenstein


Frankenstein Monster


Generate powerful volts of electricity, strength, near immortality, extending mechanical arm, body containing tools and devices, high intellect


Mizore,Violin,Good Coffe,Robots,Snowcones,Theology


Bigotry,Burnt Coffe


Class Newspaper Club

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