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The Ganzo Vampires are a group of immensely powerful vampires that were descendant to the Vampiric God of Creation Ganzo


It's shown that Ganzo vampires possess immense abilities over the weather, and telepathic abilities. With Ganzo having the ability to use Creation to make anything out of nothing.

Ganzo Vampires also shown to have the ultimate healing factor. This is shown when Hikari was completely obliterate by Fallen Angell, Azazel but was able to regenerate just from a single cell. This ability greatly surpasses the Shinso Vampires.

The Ganzo Vampires are known to be immensely powerful telepathic users. They are able to cause a lot of things with their telepathic abilities.

Known Ganzo VampiresEdit


  • Ganzo Vampires are also immortal, and are called the Omega Vampires an rival to the Shinso, who are known as the Alpha Vampires.

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