Gilver Akashiya
Vampire Knight 11-013
Gilver Akashiya
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Vampire
Faction Dark
Health 1,000 health
Level 100 levels
Status alive
Location Shuzen House

Gilver Akashiya is a male vampire considered to be coolest boy since he were Yokai Academy's student. Gilver is the ancestor of the Shuzen family, one of the founders of vampires. He along with another character, mostly referred to as the Hooded Woman, created weapons used to kill vampires. Thousands of years ago, Gilver put himself into an eternal slumber and was recently awakened from his long slumber by Alucard, his own descendant.

His first name is perhap is "Giver". Because He always gave people in Yokai that gifts.

"Should I really been.....born?"



Young Gilver

Gilver was born into the Shuzen Manson as the eldest son of Akasha Bloodriver and Issa Shuzen and was praised by all as the best of his generation, a genius above all others, even by the standards of the battle-adept Shuzen vampire, Gilvers prowess far outshone their own.However, few could understand him.When he was only four, Gilver had already witnessed countless lives lost due to the High School. which emotionally traumatised him and turned him into a pacifist.

During Akasha searched for Alucard, Gyokuro was left alone to take care of Akasha's son, Gilver and promised to protect him no matter what. In the anime, it was shown that during their childhood, Itachi made a game of collecting paw prints of cats with his Akasha. The last paw print to be collected was Nekomata's, who Akasha had defeated and asked him to fight Gilver with all his might when Gilver got older.

At age 7, Gilver graduated from the human Academy at the top of his class after only one year, mastered the Vampire's basic attack and powers,hiding himself from humans at age 8,

On his birthday, Gilver discovered that he was not truly related to his father, Issa.. His biological father were Alucard close friends Akasha since they were childhoods, who were both involved in separate ways on the day of his birth. His father left shortly after he and his father entrusted Akasha to save a child for his life.

Not certain how to handle this new information and the idea that he was utterly without blood relatives, Gilver ran

Gilver met Dante

away from home and wandered around aimlessly. After meeting Dante, who had been the trouble days front of Gilver, Gilver received the present that Akasha had meant to give to him after the birth. The letter inside, written to the then-unborn children, talked about how they should help other people. However, angry that his father's mentality had resulted in the man's death, Gilver flung down the letters and claimed that he would only live for himself. After watching some upperclassmen bully a student his age, he discovered that he had truly inherited his parents' blood because he couldn't resist stepping in to help (the student was later revealed as Dante) - though he ended up being beaten himself. Later, after having accepted his circumstances, he returned home and continued to live with Akasha and Issa, stating that they are the only family he has ever known.

This led her to feel uncomfortable and purposefully isolate himself. When he joined the school's field hockey team, he met with opposition from its regular players but also encountered Arisa,a human, who became his first friend at the new school. Thanks to Arisa's presence and effect on him, Gilver opened up to his classmates and found them opening up to her as well. One day, he saw Arisa leaving with a group of delinquents and began to fear that his friend was being threatened. These suspicions were further confirmed when he saw Arisa handing an envelope of money to the delinquents' leader, Kyōko.

When confronted, Arisa first claimed that nothing was happening but Gilver persisted - declaring that Arisa's kindness and femininity could be perceived as weak, and thus that hhe would protect her. Arisa broke into tears, saying that Kyōko had told her to come that evening with a large sum of money. That night, Gilver went with Arisa and withstood Kyōko's beating to ensure her friend's safety. However, when the envelope Arisa had given fell from Kyōko's pocket during the fight, Gilver noticed that it had been labeled with Kyōko's first name, implying a sense of familiarity. He realized that Arisa wasn't being bullied or threatened at all, and Kyōko declared that Arisa had been paying her group to act as bodyguards. Gilver couldn't understand the turn of events, and his

Gilver beats the student gangs.

friend explained. Arisa had been bullied in the younger grades and didn't want to stand out, so the safest place to be was right behind the strongest person in school. Being a victim was only an act so people wouldn't realize the truth. Arisa then snapped at Gilver for having called her weak,calling him a vampire weak and he should disappear. and Gilver 's emotions boiled over. Using his bare fist and kick, he severely beat the group of delinquents, like a demon. The story of the fight spread quickly and once again Gilver found himself isolated - but this time, feared as well. Other groups started targeting him to fight, but he beat each one. Eventually, he became known as a legend:Cold-blooded boy.

In her final year of junior high, Gilver decided to apply to a high school far enough away that no one would know of the name "Vampire." After enrolling in High School, he kept to himself and firmly held the belief that he didn't need friends. The rumors of the "Vampire" had reached even there, and he decided not to stand out and to complete his school years without fuss. Yet after an amazing throw during a fitness test, he was approached by his class representative, Chiaki, to join the softball team. Despite Gilver's efforts to remain isolated, Chiaki persisted in trying to draw her out of his shell. Soon, he found herself with a second attachment, a classmate named Dante, who noticed when he accidentally brought her old bag to school one day. The more Chiaki and Dante persisted in being her friend, the more Gilver grew used to their presence.


"That man...seems interested..."

Control Tsukune ArcEdit

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Gilver appears to Tsukune.

As Tsukune and his friends are walking home, they are shoved aside by a thief running away with a bag he stole from Gilver. Tsukune defeats the thief and returns the stolen bag to Gilver who thanks him and offers to buy him some ramen. Tsukune declines and leaves, prompting Gilver to state how surprised he is of Tsukune's wariness as a Rosairo falls from his bag.Sometime later, Gilver shows up at the Tskune's house asking whether Tsukune's sister or Tsukune would like some ramen. Despite both declining, Gilver sits down and eats the ramen he had offered regardless, enraging Tsukune with his boldness. He informs them that he actually is a customer looking for a shop that did odd jobs and saying that him finding Tsukune was just a coincidence.

He then sets down a picture of Moka Akashiya and when Tsukune reacts to this, he claims there are things about his family or Moka that Tsukune does not know. He tries to explain what he knew but is interrupted by Tsukune's siter, who tells him they will call him after reviewing the information. As he leaves, Gilver tells Tsukune to go to the the third chairman to see something interesting. Outside, Wolve and Kairi state that they failed and comment on why they follow him. After Tsukune sees his friend,Moka Akashiya leave the The third chaiman's area, Gilver appears and tells Tsukune that she has been visiting the store regularly. He says that there are things Tsukune does not know about Third Chairman and that he should take measures while he still can. Tsukune tells Gilver that he does not trust him. Gilver acknowledges this and gives Tsukune a business card.

Gilver attacks Ruby while the latter is pursuing Satan, severely injuring her. He instructs Satan to cut him with his attack so that he can get close to Tsukune and gain his confidence. Satan alters her memory so that they are enemies who betrayed each other. Tsukune later telephones him and they arrange meet to Naruki City the following evening so they can talk. The next day, Gilver greets Tsukune, who informs him that his friend was attacked and he wants his help, prompting Gilver to inquire if Tsukune trusts him. When Tsukune mentions that he is probably not a normal Human, Gilver says that he wonders about that and notes that Tsukune has nobody else to count on. After joking about his request to investigate Moka, Gilver reveals that he did that only to gain Tsukune's interest. Gilver brings him into his group's hide out where the other members are waiting. He then informs Tsukune that they aim to take the Moka's Rosairo back.
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" Our purpose is taking Moka's rosairo."

Tsukune asks how and why they intend to do this, demanding an explanation as to who they are. Gilver states that he cannot answer all these questions at once, he suggests they take their time. Gilver has Wolve give him an orange juice and explains that hie was a former student of Yokai and what this entails, demonstrating his ability by having his drink float from the glass into Gilver's mouth. When Kairi enters the room a surprised Gilver asks if she found the person she was sent for. After a brief discussion with her about her inability to see well in the dark, Gilver says he will introduce her once she and her companion are inside. When he does, he turns out to be Ginei.

When an agitated Tsukune demands to know what is going on, Gilver tells him to calm down and explains. Kairi demands to know if Tsukune is in fact the Tsukune Aono they had been trying to recruit, but Gilver tells her to wait. He asks Tsukune if he now understands what his past is and explains that it is a power closer to blood soul than body. Gilver states that they find this power troublesome and asks if Tsukune, having once had both Yokai and Vampire's bloods himself, could relate. Gilver explains that they wish to rid themselves of their unpleasant powers. He states that over the years of gathering gang, they realized that they can transfer their powers to a person who has the powers of both a Human and a Yokai. By giving their powers to such a person person, some of their old allies were able to become normal Humans. They want Tsukuneto takes the rosairo powers so they could become Human again. Gilver explains that they found Ginei, saying that he is one of them and he wishes to help restore Tsukune's powers.
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"Then it's decided."

Gilver assures Tsukune that his powers will return and they would add their own powers on top of them. Tsukune agrees to help them.

When Tsukune returns two days later, Kairi places him inside a doll house using her magic. Gilver listens as Kairi explains her ability. He accuses her of being unreasonable towards Tsukune and tells Mizuki that he does not know if Tsukune will be alright. Once Tsukune awakens his Yokai and vampire, Gilverexplains that, just like every battle Tsukune has had has been carved into his soul, they're also carved within the soul of the tool you hold. The part of his vampire blood that connected Moka's fang or rosairo has had memories of each battle recorded in it. Even though he lost his powers, his blood remembers it.

After Tsukune is released from the Dollhouse, he asks if he is to stay for further training. Kairi tells him to leave and Gilver backs her up, saying that his blood puts more strain on the body than can be felt. He advises Tsukune not to push himself as his body will fall to pieces if he wears himself out. When Ichigo returns for information, Gilver explains the history Monsters Never Cry shares with Satan and why he might have attacked Ruby and confronted Kurumu. He sends Tsukune home to rest and prepare for more training. When Tsukune is placed inside a fish tank to fight Mizuki, Gilver tries to stop an uninterested Kairi from leaving, as she is needed to disengage her Dollhouse ability. She tells him to come for when it is done. Despite Gilver's request not to, Roxas tells him that he hates that about Kairi

Gilver is approached by Ginei. He tells Ginei that Tsukune is training against Mizuki and Ginei says that his timing is perfect then, surprising Gilver. Ginei asks what Gilver to Moka then. and explains about Kurumu and theorizes about Gilver's hair seems as Moka has. He tells Gilver that keeping secrets is meaningless at this point and says he wants an answer. Gilver gets up and says that he was not keeping secrets. He says if he told him,it would troublesome as troubling as what Ginei suggested, he would have already told him. He says that Satan's aim after is Moka that can literally cut through anything, but that is all it can do. Ginei suggests that maybe he changed since the last time that he saw him, but Gilver says that he do not change with progress. Ginei comments that his own abilities evolved, but Gilver merely says that Ginei was just at the initial stage of his ability and had not unlocked it's true nature.
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He says that Satan had long passed that stage. Gilver asks if Ruby has had any troubling memories. Ginei says no and Gilver tells him to check again because if he is that is a problem but if he is not, that means the one who attacked Kairi was not Satan. Suddenly, Satan bursts in and greets Gilver, who questions what he is doing. Satan cuts the fish tank as Gilver cries out, causing Tsukune to emerge from the tank in a new form.

Satan then mocks Gilver for interfering, to which Gilver says that Satan is the one who is interfering. Tsukune tells him to step aside, but Gilver knocks him to the ground and tells Tsukune to shut up and stay down. Satan and Gilver clash claws and legs and fight. Gilver unleashes an red energy attack fist against Satan Satan comes out from the dust unharmed and manages to cut Gilver across the right side of his eye Satan asks what would happen if he damaged a building that had people inside. Gilver tells Satan that he is only picking the empty ones to jump on. Their fight is then interrupted by Tsukune and later Roxas uses his his trick windto contain Tsukune

After moving to Monsters Never Cry's backup headquarters Roxas frees Tsukune, who asks about Satan. Gilver tells him that he has fled for now and that he is worried about Satan's objectives. He states that rather than harming Monsters Never cry, Satan's goal appears to be Tsukune. Roxas tells him that he is over thinking things though as Satan would not have attacked while he held his console. Gilver instructs a reluctant Roxas to help with Tsukune's training as his Yokai shuts out aura completely. Tsukune asks if it will be a live battle and Gilver says that is what seems to work best with him and that he will be Gilver's opponent Roxas loads them into his book, which Gilver explains. After some banter, Gilver asks Yukio to implement some rules for their training and the pair clash.

Later, Kurmu enters Roxas's Book to find Tsukune badly wounded. As she treats him, Ginei arrives and Gilver begins to say something. Ginei cuts him off, saying that Roxas has made him a room to train in. Gilver acknowledges this and tells Ginei to do as he wants.An impatient Gilver dives into an attack but Kurumu puts up a shield. Gilver asks if she really thinks he can be stopped by her bat wings's shied, but his attack is stopped and he is thrown back as he is cut across the shoulder.
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"...Bring it on."

Kurumu reveals it is a new technique of hers that disperses an incoming attack as an explosion and returns fire. Gilver calls her sadistic and eventually Tsukune gets up and asks Gilver to continue. Gilver assesses Tsukune as they fight and notes that his movements are sharper and he thinks that he was right to have Kurumu brought there and that he is stronger when he is close to a person he wants to protect. As they continue to fight, Gilver concludes that Tsukune's has too many random thoughts in his head and he slashes Tsukune's eyes. He then stops Kurumu from helping him, telling her to watch.

"Dont worry,Tsukune"

He states that when Tsukune lost his powers he also lost his resolve and that he will drag him back to the battle.

Gilver quickly overwhelms the blinded and confused Tsukune and impales him with his fist. Gilver then tells Tsukune that he'll kill Ginei and Kurumu. Tsukune is surprised by Gilver's words, but Gilver tells him that he should have expected it since he is not a comrade. Enraged, Tsukune yells at Gilver. Gilver notices Tsukune's Shinso changing and grabs Tsukune's materialized blade as it explodes with energy. Seeing that Tsukune's Shinso is now complete, Gilver tells Tsukune that he is proud of him and explains that someone has to stay close and control the outburst of energy as the torrent of energy released from the object of the Shinso could ruin the user's body, which is why Gilver wanted to be present when Tsukune's own Shinso was complete. He then apologizes to Tsukune, saying that he made too much of a clichéd villain and welcomes him that.

Gilver later puts the recovered Tsukune through a regime of endurance training, making fun of Tsukune as he does so. Gilver reveals that using Shinso takes a massive amount of stamina, hence the training. Gilver then asks if Tsukune saw something when he completed his Shinso, surmising from his reaction that Tsukune's mangled eyes saw him bathed in blood. He says that is why he cut Tsukune's eyes as that is proof that Tsukune is beginning to regain his Vampire powers. Gilver explains that when Tsukune hardly contol his vampire with holy lock, a tiny portion accumulated in a single location inside of him over time and that is why they used the reiatsu flowing from his badge to jolt that awake. He says all that is left to do is to beef up his new body and powers and then his Yokai and Vampire powers will fuse. Gilver throws Ichigo his Holy Lock so he test out his new Shinso.

Later, Gilver calls for Tsukune as he runs through the street. He hastily informs Ichigo that Satan has gotten to all members of Monsters never cry. Gilver takes Ichigo to a location that he claims no members of Monster never cry know about to discuss the events that transpired. He tells Tsukune that, thanks to information that Ginei provided about Satan's attack on Kurumu and with what has transpired, that his ability may be placing himself into people's pasts by cutting them with his sword. The victims do not question Satan as to them he has always been there. Tsukune then asks if killing Satan would restore them to normal. Gilver tells Ichigo that he does not know and asks if he could kill Satan despite this. They are found by Roxas, who reminds Gilver of his Fullbring's tracker. He says no one is mad at
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Gilver and that they will have him back to normal in no time. He then leads them to Satan's mansion.

Once there, Gilver stops Tsukune from charging at Satan, warning him that if he is right about his ability, then he cannot afford to be cut even once. They are invited inside, where Tsukune's friends and family are waiting. Gilver watches as they greet Tsukune and urge him to apologize to Satan for his previous actions. He tries to reassure Tsukune about their actions. However, Tsukune is unable to cope and runs upstairs, leaving Gilver concerned. After Satan follows Tsukune, Gilver destroys the staircase and tells Tsukune that he can fight without worrying about the safety of his friends and family. As Tsukune fights Satan, Gilver tries to assist him. However, Kani knocks a chandelier from the ceiling to block him and tells Gilver that he is fighting himand the members of monster never cry, who are ready to fight him. Gilver wonders what kind of ability Kani possesses, analysing how the chandelier fell.

Gilver manages to evade attacks from Roxas, Max and Wolve before blocking an attack from Kani, which breaks part of his claw. Kani states that he's lucky that he didn't hit his body because it was su
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Gilver fall for Kani's hand

ch a good roll. Gilver asks him what he means by that and Kani reveals his powers, Death strike, can manipulate probability. Gilveris forced out of the window and is shocked when he sees Tsukune about to be hit by Satan. Satan attempts to cut Tsukune with his claws, but Gilver intercepts the attack and is cut instead. Gilver then plummets to the ground.

As Gilver falls, Tsukune rushes to him and asks if he is okay. Gilver tells Tsukune to shut up and worry about Satan instead of him. Gilver informs Tsukune that he still sees Satan as an enemy and Tsukune as his ally. He claims to be confused as to why Satan's ability hasn't activated itself yet and they need to take him out before it does. Ruby arrives and tells Tsukune that Gilver is the one who attacked her. Ruby shoots some arrows at Gilver, but he blocks them and attacks Tsukune while Satan cuts down Ruby. Tsukune asks if Gilver was affected by Satan's powers, prompting Gilver to explain how they had deceived him by having Satan cut him so that he believed that Satan was an enemy and that the attack he had just received had returned him to normal. He then cuts Tsukune's holy lock easily. and merges it with his claw, telling Tsukune that he is relieving him of his powers. Gilver then stabs him with his sword. After Gilver explains what happened when he attacked Ruby, Satan said he only cut Gilver because he was bad at acting and states that Gilver started calling Tsukune"Tsukune" again after he cut him again. Then after Gilver takes Ichigo's Shinso and vampire powers and blood, the pair walk off. Once they start walking away, a burst of energy erupts behind them and Gilver is surprised to see Tsukune in his vampire aura and with Moka.

Gilver exclaims that that is impossible for his powers to have been restored, but he is ridiculed by a group of Yokai that suddenly arrives and explains that they all gave their powers to restore Tsukune's power. Akashiya Moka Akashiya explains that all Gilver took was the power that had merged with Tsukune's Shinso and that it was impossible for him to steal Tsukune's powers. Tsukunethen begins to fight Gilver Faced with Tsukune's new power, Gilver soon decides to retreat, but Tsukune stops him and fires a Chinese's magical attacks at him. Yukario reveals that he is the Moka Akashiya's older brother. as Gilver emerges from the attack with a large sword like appearance.Yukario explains further that the law of the Rosairo was created solely for Gilver. Gilver thanks Tsukune for his powers, as he would not have been able to survive Ichigo's attack without them.

"Until we meet it again,I will capture you both of you, Moka...and Tsukune"

Gilver and the rest of his Monster Never Cry escaped it within the portal.

Family Renuion ArcEdit

"Well,then. I have waiting for this to fight you...Moka."

Gilver sits the thorne as he watched the view of Moka's picture. Gilver is tryng play to the cards on his owns. However,Gilver seems broing as ever and Gilver calling some member of him coming out for him.

Gilver in the Gilver's Mansor , is being attended to by his intermediate with the Darkness guild, Fuki and Nami sends , Dante , Miko and Eomi to capture Moka in order to use her as a sacrifice for Alucard's resurrection and set Gilver's blood with Alucard orders the perfect form.. The group accomplishes this, however, Moka manages to break free of her restraints and starts fighting with Gilver's underlings.

In the meantime, Gilver is seen with the other Chairman members at a Council meeting, discussing the Tower of Vampire . The Council knows that a mysterious man, Gilver, is the builder of the forbidden tower, however, they are unaware of any other significant information about him.Gilver, having called his fellow councilors weaklings, tells them that the tower is too dangerous, and proposes that the Council use spell to destroy Gilver's creation. With the help of Resumi grain manages to get most of the members on his side, and needs only one more vote for Viggani to be fired.

At the tower, after Tsukune defeats Fuki and Nami, Gilver goes to his chess board (made of pieces that represent all the people in his “game”) and knocks the two underlings' pieces over, symbolizing their defeat. He is aware that Dante and Wolve have betrayed him, but this does not bother him, and he orders the impatient Vidaldus and the rest of Dark Vampire to make their move in the "game". Vidaldus awakens his true form, as his allies, Miko and Eomi, appear alongside him.

Gilver then uses his blood to communicate with everyone in the tower, telling them it’s time to begin the "Paradise Game". He states that the rules are to try and prevent him from using Moka to absorb Alucard and that they must get past Vampire to get to him. He then informs everyone that Viggani will also hit them soon and destroy the entire tower, so they have an unknown amount of time in which to "win", and either way, nobody will truly win and everyone will die.

Back at the Council's meeting, as a final push to get the final vote he needs, Gilver tells the Council that himself is trying to use the tower to bring back his own father,Alucard. The Council is

"Wait and see."

all stunned,causing Gilver horrible 's past to win, with Wolve remaining the only one against firing Viggani. When asked if he is ready to accept all of the consequences of firing Viggani and causing the death of many, Gilver replies to "wait and see". Gilver continues to knock down pieces on his chess board as the battles in the tower come to an end, until Moka & Wolve vs. Miko defeats Mikoand reaches him. As Moka prepares to fight him, Gilverstates that no matter if she beats him or not, she will be a sacrifice for Alucard. Jellal announces there are seven minutes left until Viggani hits, and invites Moka to take full advantage of them. He then attacks Mokawith his f
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Gilver greets Moka as she appear at her.

ist. Moka manages to overpower all of Gilver's attacks until she kicks Gilver and brings him to the ground, pointing her fang at his throat. She then tells Gilver that he has failed at completing the Alucard, as the tower does not have the blood power required to perform the resurrection, needing at least 2.7 Billion Edeas of blood power in order to activate. As Moka claims she'll just force Gilver to wait for Viggani's fall to destroy them both, Gilver claims that that wouldn't be such a bad idea, as his body is possessed by Moka's Rosairo since he was the first chosen., and he is nothing more than a doll doing Akasha's bidding, unable to be saved by anyone. Moka refuses his invitation to kill him, and the two hug each other, waiting for the satellite beam to help them atone for both of their "sins". Etherion hits the tower, completely destroying the outer structure, but leaving everyone inside it unharmed.Surprised to be alive after the blast, Moka looks around and notices that the true inner structure of t
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"It's too late the time has come."

he tower is, in fact, a gigantic absorption Minvera. Gilver laughs out loudly, claiming to have succeeded in his goal, and explains that Etherion provided the tower with the required 2.7 Billion Edeas necessary to bring Alucard back to life.

In Era, everyone is stunned to see the tower still standing, and an furious Fuki angrily questions Gilver, who, without answering, immediately disappears. He soon reappears in the Tower Of Heaven, where Moka and Jellal are. The both of them then proceed to say that Gilver and Gilver are one person.

After the two merge back together, Gilver's full blood power returns to him.Gilver and Moka start fighting again, this time with Moka being dominated by Gilver's restored power. Gilver's [Bind blood]]' spell spreads on Moka's body, restraining her and preventing her from moving. Moka is then forced into the Alucard's crystal to be sacrificed. However, Tsukune suddenly appears and pulls her out. Moka warns Tsukune to leave her, as Gilver is too strong, but he refuses and knocks her out. He then prepares to fight Gilver, who gladly accepts the challenge.

Despite being pummeled repeatedly by Tsukune's Vampire attacks, Gilver stays unharmed and belittles Tsukune's abilities. He activates his Shinso and proceeds to deliver blows with unbelievable speed until Tsukune falls. However, Tsukune gets back up again with steel determination when he overhears Gilver's comment about the destruction in the tower causing Blood to leak out

Tsukune's cockiness and destructive blows towards the tower greatly enrages Gilver, who in turn prepares to
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cast one of his strongest spells. Moka, awake and aware of the attack's power, defends Moka with her body. Paying Moka no mind, Gilverlaunches his 'Bloodly ball spell towards them. However, Wolve appears and uses his body to protect the two, causing his own demise. Gilver starts badmouthing Wolves death, calling it foolish and useless, when Tsukune suddenly appears before him and angrily hits him with great strength, subsequently starting to eat the increase of the power under Gilver's shocked eyes.Tsukune manages to absorb Etherion, entering vampire and Yokai mode, and starts pummeling Gilver with powerful attacks.

Gilver briefly escapes him with Meteor, but continues to be pummeled. He refuses to be defeated and, as they keep exchanging words, Gilver begins to cast the Abyss Break, a spell that can destroy the tower. Before he can launch the spell though, he feels the aftershock of a slash Moka gave him during their fight, and his spell fails. This gives Tsukune an opening, and as he charges at Gilverl’s chest, enveloped in an aura resembling a vampire. He then finishes Gilver off by sending him smashing to the ground within a huge blast, which causes the tower to crumble, not being able to contain the massive vampire energy.

Gilver gets up so easily and his wounds are healing itself easily. Gilver warns them to not forget about his healing skills to Akasha did. that and Tsukune and Moka's shocking each other of him.

"Wel,I guess...This is a had way,it seems..." Gilver unlock his true form as Alucard gave him a gift since he was a baby.

Despite a mutual dislike for one another, Tsukune and Moka agree to team up to take down Gilver then proceed
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Gilver aims Tsukune

to attack him together. As Tsukune and Moka continue to land blow after blow on Gilver, they combine their respective Super Kick and Punch" techniques causing a massive explosion. Unfortunately, Gilver rises with nothing more than his shirt destroyed, revealing a intricate blood on his chest. He then tells them that he's going to show them true' power", producing scales on his arms and charging electricity to his mouth. Before Tsukune or Moka can dodge, Gilver slashes them his own prototype arms. Although still alive, the two are paralyzed from the attack. Claiming that he will exterminate all that oppose him, including his Mother, he initiates the spell Vampire Law" with a beam gun on Tsukune. He pulled the trigger to shoot Tsukune with large blast.

Moka yell at him to stop knowing full well what will happen if he unleashes that blast. But Gilver doesn't care and continues to do so. Kokoa suddenly shows up and informs Gilver of Akasha is watching due to Gilver' actions. However rather then be shocked by the news (as Tsukune is) he states he's glad because his chance of being the top of vampire has increased. With that he unleashes Vampire Law intending to wipe out not only Gilver's family but everyone in the town as well. However once the smoke clears, Gilver finds, to his shock, all of his targets still alive with no injury. A wounded Kahula then appears and tells him the reason the spell failed: Vampire Law reacts to one heart's to be effective against the target thus Gilver must still considers the guild to be his allies (proving Tsukune statement earlier in their fight). Despite this overwhelming evidence Gilver loudly continues to deny it. Tsukune, tired of his facade, manages to get to his feet, gather what little blood he has left and charges Gilver just as form does the same.

Both vampires meet and strike each other head on; however Gilver is the one to deal a blow to Tsukune knocking him back. Unaffected, Tsukune gets up and charges again though he is once more knocked down. He, however, refuses to stay down claiming to Gilver isn't bad guy doesn't belong to him. This only prompt Gilver to smack him some more but despite the damage, Tsukune keeps getting back up. Extremely angered by his persistence, Gilver forms a spell called Bloodly large spear (which looks like its namesake) and throws it toward Tsukune. Too worn out to dodge it, it looked like it will indeed hit the fire Tsukune. Gilver decides to leaves them away until they find Gilver's weakness and how to stop him.

Gilver Joins Youkai AcademeyEdit


His methad of fightning is fist punch. It's heavy fist and faster pucnh one blow sent flying the air or ground or wall. He always his courage of two choice "Death or Knock down." When He get annyoed by some monsters teased him then he get serious when he killing people.

Blood Consumption: Because he is a vampire, Gilver is anemic and needs blood to function daily.he has always consumed tomato juice or blood packet transfusion to sustain himself. However, his fondness for it has escalated into a physical need. If he goes too long without it (around 14 days a least), Gilver's strength sharply declines and suffers fainting spells.

Youki Detector: In hisunsealed state, Gilver can detect the presence of other monsters by sensing the demonic aura around them, helping him to find hidden enemies. This works similar to a bat's echolocation, except he waits to sense his opponent's aura rather than send out a pulse on his own and then receiving the returning pulse.

Power Kick: Gilver's main method of attacking is using kicks rather than punches as he considers kicking a more elegant way of fighting, but he will use his hands if she deems the situation serious enough. Therefore, he may have a lot of variation with hiskicks by combining various styles and varying amounts of incorporated demonic power. These attacks are essentially intense bursts of concussive, strength-augmenting energy released in one kick. The result of getting kicked is devastating. Even a strong opponent will be sent flying away and usually sustain a crippling injury. Depending on the target of the kick, an opponent's bones could easily be broken and one or more major organs ruptured.

Blood Transfusion: One unique ability Gilver's can utilize is physically injecting their blood into another person through their fangs. Not only will the host regenerate any wound on his or her body, but may temporarily transform into a vampire physically as strong as a vampire. The downside to this is diminished strength upon successful transfer into the host's body, as Gilver needs to recuperate the lack of blood circulation in his system. However, this ability is extremely dangerous: constant injection will slowly damage the host's body, perhaps killing the host.

Power Punch:Gilver is also granted temporary Super Strength and Super Speed. With this strength, Gilver is often able to crush his enemy with a single attack. His opponent is usually thrown away and seriously injured after being punched by Tsukune. This is different from Inner Moka in that Gilver usually using his Power Punch instead of using a Kick.

Combined Ability: Speed Smash:Gilver gained new abilities and strength. With super speed and strength, Gilver is able to see and predict every opponent's move, nearly to the point of precognition. He is in a state in which he can see everything around him in slow motion . With these abilities, Gilver is capable of dodging every attack from his enemies. By combining his tremendous speed with his enormous strength, Gilver can attack every enemy in an instant. The enemy cannot see his attack, and it is clear that Gilver is able to attack repeatedly in a single instant.

Dark Force: During Gilver's first use of Alucard's Shinso, he has proven himself capable of moving a target around in any desired manner. By moving his hand in the direction he wants it to move, he blows the target away as if he were giving them a smack from a short distance. This will seemingly produce an invisible, powerful blunt attack to strike the target; an attack which, in the manga, is strong enough to kill opponents, with their blood spilling out.

Dark Grab: Gilver moves his hands towards the opponent, far away from him. This will prompt a pair of strong, dark-colored arms to appear from a nearby surface and grab the opponent, immobilizing or choking them according to the movements performed by Gilver himself, who, after grabbing the target, is seemingly capable of controlling the spell with a single hand., The spell instead takes the form of a large amount of red glyphs, which surround the opponent, swirling around them and then grabbing them. Such glyphs can also be used to lift the target in the air and near them to Jellal

Darkness Cage: Gilver creates a sphere of Darkness Spell in his hand in the form of ghosts that revolve around the center. He then shoots it at the target, releasing several ghosts that wrap around the target, restraining its movement. Gilver inverstead crushes a different-looking sphere in his hand, summoning several small masses of Darkness which then grow and come together to create a sphere around the target, restraining its movement and dealing pain.

Dark Vanish: A spell in which the target, instead of being struck from the outside like with Dark Force, seemingly implodes from the inside, or is in any case vanished through unknown means, leaving only the clothes behind.

Bloodly Fire : This spell, when released, creates golden flames on Gilver's palm, which he gave for Tsukuneto consume in order to defeat Ban. By eating them, VampireForce was activated, and Tsukune described the feeling of consuming them as "like eating Blood", implying the spell to be incredibly powerful. {C}Keen Intellect: Gilver is a smart, cunning and resourceful individual who displayed particular skill in deception, having been capable of fooling both Moka Akashiya and the entirety of the Kokoa Shuzen, even managing to become a member himself. He has shown himself capable of creating clever schemes and planning ahead, being the schemer of the plan to revive Alucard, whom he believed dead, and tricking the Council himself into unintentionally working for him.

Enhanced Speed: Aside from his vampire capabilities, Gilver is fast, agile and has quick reflexes, being shown avoiding and redirecting the slashes from Moka's huge kick blast in melee with ease, reacting to them with his own Fist.

Enhanced Endurance: Gilver Akashiya's vast array of spells comes with the stamina to employ them in subsequent reprises, with him being resilient enough to use Bloodly Fire a spell powerful enough to allow Tsukune Aono to enter his Shinso mode, replicating the effects of Etherion, the ultimate weapon of the Laws,after attempting to cast the Self-Destruction Spell on both Nirvana and himself,something which greatly weakened him.

Immense Durability: Gilver is an highly resilient opponent, who has proven himself capable of undergoing large amounts of damage without collapsing: during the events of the Tower of Heaven, he could continue fighting after being slashed in the belly by Akuha Shuzen (despite such action having later stopped him from casting the vampire and receiving a barrage of Bloodly Fire spells from Tsukune Aono, emerging unscathed from them; later on, most importantly, he was able to survive Tsukune's attacks while the latter was in Inner vampire Tsukune mode,even after being sent crashing down his own Tower of Hell.He could also fuse his body with the Etherion and attain control of it, something which should have resulted in his certain death, and yet again survive, entering a comatose state, from which he was woken by Kokoro's Blood cure..

Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Gilver, despite favoring the use of his ranged fist, has shown to be a capable unarmed combatant: while his speed was enhanced by his Blood spell, Gilver went on to attack and brutally injure Tsukune several times with strong melee blows such as punches and kicks.


Like all vampires, he can heal from anything excluding an anti-vampire weapon wound to his heart or cutting off his body. Like all vampires he can absorb the powers from vampires whose blood he drinks or cuts. Gilver's powers have been listed as immeasurable.


  • (To Moka Akashiya ) "Moka... Freedom is not a thing that exists in this world."
  • (To Tsukune Aono ) "That's your precious "freedom"! Go on and live while carrying the lives of your nakama upon your back, Tsukune!"
  • (To Akua Shuzen ) "Life and death are the very basis of all things; they intensify every emotion. Or, to put it in a rather different way, there is nothing quite so dull as "life"."
  • (To Issa Shuzen) "This is my sin for giving in to my own weaknesses. My heart just couldn't keep up with the gigantic gap between dreams and reality."
  • (To Kahula Shuzen) "You are even more irrational than the rumors say. Did you enjoy striking one of your own nakama who couldn't even move?"
  • (To Akasha Bloodriver) "Mother... I can feel kindness from that name... I can feel kindness, cheerfulness and warmth... I'm sure you'll continue to hate me, but I can't help that. It's only natural. But hatred will steal the freedom from your heart. It will eat away at you from within. I can't go that far. I can't go before you! You will be free from Glilver. I will take your hatred and sadness... with me... You are... free!"
  • (To himself about Moka Akashiya"It's your words that gave me courage. It became my light that would guide me towards the right path again."
  • (To Moka Akashiya) "Such beautiful silver hair....You're most better than Akasha Bloordiver. Can I call you" Silver blossom"? It's the color of your hair, that way, I won't forget it!"
  • (ToKokoa Shuzen )." Shut up,You even don't what the hell about my worst past to Akasha's Betrayal. A kid like you wouldn't understand me unless you strike me."
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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