Heina Sakura Sketch
Biographical Information


  • Unknown Mother


Romantic Interests

Vincent Oshiro (Chosen One)

Physical Description




  • Black hair
  • Violet Eyes
  • Lightly Tanned skin.
  • She has different outfits
Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Claws
  • Enhanced Bite
  • Prehensile Tail
  • Enhanced Condition: Enhanced Dexterity, Durability, Strength.
  • Life-Force Absorbtion
  • Kiss of Death (Lilith's Kiss)
  • Sexual Inducement
    • Desire Inducement
  • Natural Weaponry
  • Subliminal Seduction
  • Supernatural Beauty
  • Wing Manifestion
Forms Unlimited Form (Gains all abilities and weapon's listed above.)
Other Information
  • Hair Styling
V.A. (Japanese) Unknown
Theme Song(s)

Heina SakuraEdit

Heina Sakura (Heina 桜, First name is foreign while her last name means "Cherry Blossom") is another main character in a series to be renamed.


Heina is portrayed as the dark to Koneko's light, where as she's a quiet introverted wallflower; Heina's an extraverted life of the party. She's warm, enthusiastic, and can easily become passionate about things or people she's devoted to. She places little importance on the details of everyday life, and see's them as trivial things. Her temper is short, and so often once her fuse is out it get's the best of her and she suffers punishment for her actions.

Heina can be a risk-taking type of person who often drags her friends and loved ones into the whirlwind of her life just to have someone there with her. Her basic desire is to feel loved, and her biggest fear is to not be loved. Often times she's tempted to manipulate people so she can get what she wants or get what others want for them, however once you come to know Heina on a deep personal level it's easy to tell when she does so.

When it comes to how Heina fits into the group dynamics, while she likes to pick on Amaya and Tomayo she wants to be something like a surrogate older sister to them. When it comes to Koneko; those two are Dark and Light and Heina often personally portrays Koneko as an odd one who doesn't have any friends, which is a false portrayal on Heina's part.

School InformationEdit

Name: Heina Sakura

Species: Succubus

Age: 16

Grade Average: 2.5

Dorm-Mates: Tia Yuki, Amaya Ito

Teachers Notes: Needs Tutoring in some areas.

Birthdate: October 31st




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