Rosario + Vampire RevolutionEdit

Season 1Edit

A newcomer Jake Aono also happens to be Tsukune's Brother, Arrives at Yokari Academy to Challenge Kurumu Kurono. He is following order from Kuyou to kill Kurumu Kurono, but ends up noticing he was just using him to do his work. Jake joins the gangs and he tell them about his life's story on how he ended up in the Academy.



  • Ms.Nekonome


  • Kuyou

Any Suggestion Character(s) to addEdit


Season 1Edit

1.New Start + Vampire

2.Love Is In The Air + Vampire

3.Mermaids V.s Jake + Vampire

4.Ginei's Bad Day + Vampire

5.Kokoa's Back + Vampire

6.Jake's Justice + Vampire

7.Mizore's Mother Meets Jake + Vampire

8.Newspaper + Jake + Vampire

9.Kokoa V.s Jake + Vampire

10.Jake's Vacation With Tsukune + Vampire

11.New Treatment From Kuyou + Vampire

12.A Lost Friend + Vampire

13.A Fight Never Forgotten + Vampire

Season 2Edit

1.Jake's Junior Year + Vampire

2.Kokoa's And Jake's Biggest Adventure + Vampire

3.Onon V.s Jake + Vampire

4.News Club Biggest Change + Vampire

5.Disaster Strikes + Vampire

6.Moka's Father Vs Jake + Vampire

7.Moka's Dad's Biggest Change + Vampire

8.Jake's Biggest Break + Vampire

9.Tsukune's Transformation + Vampire

10.Tsukune Vs Jake + Vampire

11.Moka's Weirdest Day + Vampire

12.Ginei's Better Transformation + Vampire

13.Ginei V.s Jake + Vampire

Music ThemeEdit

Fade Age of innocence (track 01 Last Man Standing)04:15

Fade Age of innocence (track 01 Last Man Standing)

Opening Season 1

Band from Deadman Wonderland Opening Fade03:22

Band from Deadman Wonderland Opening Fade

Ending Season 1

Time Of Dying-Three Days Grace03:08

Time Of Dying-Three Days Grace

Opening Season 2

Breaking Benjamin - Without you04:19

Breaking Benjamin - Without you

Ending Season 2

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