Takeo Hiraku
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高尾啓 Takeo Kei






April 19




Elemental Absorption, Superhuman stamina, Superhuman strength, Superhuman speed


Mizore Shirayuki (Girlfriend/Lover) Takao Hiraku (Judged Half)† Tsukune Aono (Affiliate/Minor Rival)

 Takeo Hiraku was a second year student at Yokai academy, who had a deep love interest for Mizore Shirayuki. He was one of the very rare classes of Yokai, an X-class Wraith, and revealed this to her when fighting his other half Takao. After killing Takao, he was taken to the afterlife to be judged, after he told Mizore that he would return to her one day.


Takeo had black hair and brown eyes. He is tall and is seen to be in good physical condition, and is shown to have a built figure. 
The Wraith by Aliskevo

Takeo in his monster form seen in the Manga


Takeo was seen as a guardian angel for Mizore since the begining of her second year, as shown whenever Mizore looks into the sky thinking of him. He is seen to be generous and gallant, and usually treats other with respect. He is incontrol of his monster form, having said he only uss his monster form as a last resort. When in his monster form, he is seen to have lost control of his well-being, and destroys anything that is the threat or problem he is facing.

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