Yuuki Kurenai (紅 優姫 Kurenai Yuuki) is a young vampire. She is considered popular and smart, but tends to hide this from others. Unlike others, she doesn't hide her vampiric self, as it is not the thing she is worried about. Her sealed form is that of an undead vampire, who is cold and arrogent.

Yuuki is a dark red-brown haired girl with fair skin and two coloured eyes, left is dark crimson, right is an ice blue.


Shy and mysterious, Yuuki, although she is very popular, she tends to distance herself from the public. She doesn't like people who show off to the boys; she thinks they are a waste of time. She also tends to hide her left eye, because she's afraid of being different.

Lilith KurenaiEdit

Lilith Kurenai (紅 リリスKurenai Lilith) is Yuuki's split personality and the complete polar opposite. She only comes out at night-time, but will make acceptions if either Yuuki is (going to be) badly hurt, or one of her friends that she cares about is injured.

She is a pale-skinned (almost white) girl with bright red-orange eyes and black hair.


Cold-hearted and cruel, Lilith will do anything to get her way. She is the complete opposite of Yuuki, she adores attention, is very out-going and is known to be a tsundere type, often (sucessfully) using violence to get her point across.


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